Jersey Shore Aquarium Society


  • BAP - Breeders Award Program

    The Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) is designed to encourage all hobbyists to spawn their aquatic pets. It is open to any member of the club. Participants accumulate points for each different species they are able to reproduce successfully

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    BAP Rules

  • MAP - Membership Award Program

    The "Fish Bucks" program was created to encourage members to participate in Club activities. Members can "earn" Fish Bucks throughout the year by participating in various club activities.

    In December during our Holiday Party we have a Fish Bucks only auction. Fish Bucks earned in that year must be used at the holiday party auction and cannot be rolled over to the following year. Points are nontransferable. Each members starts out with $100.00 in January when dues are paid

Member Awards

General Meeting

Speaker/Presenter 100

Spring/Fall Auction

Auction Chairperson 100
Attendee 10
Volunteer 50 full day or 5 per hour
Bonus points for special time 5 per hour


Articles submitted and published(excluding Bap) 30
Monthly column 100
Maximum points per month 60

Position Held

President 200
Vice-president 100
Treasurer 150
Corresponding secretary 100
Recording secretary 100
Member at Large 100
Shoreline Editor 300 or 400 if split by 2 members
BAP Chair 100
MAP Chair 100
Membership Chair 100
Program Chair 100
Web Master 150
NEC Liason 100


Recruit a new paid member 50
Pay dues early (before Jan 1st) 50